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March 1st, 2005

Last in the nation!

Well, I'm back from my lovely trip to Lowell, MA. And I can shout that my team...is the last in the nation again. Two years in a row! *pumps fist in air* Last! w00t!

If anyone is curious to know what synchronized skating looks like, here's a link to the event photos. My team (The Diamond Edges) is the first photo. Whoever can guess which one I am gets a cookie!

ponders_life and szandara drove up to cheer me on and to watch us skate. Afterwards, complete with helmet hair and false eyelashes, I sat up in the stands with them, ate greasy burgers, and watched the rest of my flight and the next skate. They then whisked me away to that most charming of New England locales--the pizzeria--where we talked for hours. Who said that LJ and fandom couldn't lead to good times and friendship?

Of course, szandara has her own version of events. *g*

*needs to finish unpacking and poke about LJ*