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March 6th, 2005

I've been clinging onto fandom by the edges of my fingernails and have just caught up on recent events. My apologies, I haven't commented on any of the posts--not because I feel they're unworthy of comment but that I'm just not ready to talk about things yet. If that sounds cryptic and noncommital...well, yeah, it is. Let's just say that I'm not an innocent bystander. I'm guilty of something; I'm just not quite sure of what yet.

With that said...kudos to whomever decided to declare this the first day of fanfic author appreciation week (March 6 - March 13)! The goal is to praise an individual fic author every day this week. I'm sure that you've already seen such posts on your flist.

But since I'm terrible at following instructions, I'm going to skew the "assignment" a bit. Originally, I wanted to make a "I heart my flist" post for Valentine's Day but time being what it is, I didn't finish it . So then I thought of making a series praising one person on my flist per post. Because LJ is more than fic and more than fandom, it's people. I have 140 people on my list and there's a reason why they're there. So I'd like to make posts when I can praising these individuals. If I get all the way through, I figure this will take about two years to do. I'll start in alphabetical order.

I heart my flist: _dellamoreCollapse )