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March 7th, 2005

The I heart My flist Series: #2, a2zmom

Spring has sprung and so have my migraines. Right now I want to curl into a bitty-bitty ball and whine for my mommy. But my fandom addiction is such that I'm on LJ, sitting in the dark (oh, the light, it burns...). Does typing on a keyboard count as operating heavy machinery? No? Then let's get out of me-zone and talk about...

I heart my flist: a2zmomCollapse )

The first entry of my flist series, _dellamore, can be found here.

Okay, I'll bite...

Since April March is icumen in, kita0610 has decided to clean out her fandom closet and admit to her Secret Fandom Shame.

Nothing like the scent of cedar and camphor in the morning. Mmmmm, smell the aroma.

Oh, the shame....Collapse )

ETA: Happy Birthday, dovil!