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May 25th, 2005


Many of you have seen the video clip of emo boys kissing on a dare. More than once. *g*

I don't know about you, but my flist *exploded*. And has found this clip, erm, inspirational. Fic everywhere. In fact, the gracious entrenous88 has not only contributed a wonderful fic, Emo Boys Kissing (S/X hAU) but has started the AtS/BtVS boys kissing meme which currently serves as the masterlist for the inspired fics.

But I have to recommend a fic that's not on that list because, well, it's not fandom anything. I guess you could call it RPS, but really it's original fic: The More Things Stay by bexless.

This piece creates two vivid and real characters that we, as readers, have no prior investment in. It's hot and powerful and captures that awkward surprise, that reality of discovery and facade, falling away and landing. Sure it's based on the clip, but isn't dependent on it--transcends it. And isn't that what good story does? Plagiarizes life? No matter how fantastical, it gives us something we recognize.

So yeah, go read and feed. This is something she could have easily kept as manuscript, sent out, published without changing a thing. And she gave us this for free.