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June 24th, 2005

1. I watched Pitch Black the other night and expected it to be schlock because, hey, it's on the Rotten Tomatoes site. I'd never watched a Vin Diesel movie before, never understood the hype behind him. Just another big-shouldered Hollywood guy. But I *get* it now. He gets at least three points for the voice. Serious guh. Plus I loves me some anti-hero. Always swung more Batman's way than Superman's. Toss up between Catwoman and Wonder Woman though. Had a serious hard-on for both of them when I was wee. Which brings me to the other characters in Pitch Black. Radha Mitchell and Rhianna Griffith throw the gender wrench out the window here. We learn that anti-hero doesn't have to mean male. And that redemption doesn't have to mean male either.

2. I've been bad about reading fic lately. My favorites file and memories folder is *exploding*. So I don't have time to go window-shopping in the communities anymore. I just don't. Which is a shame because I almost missed this little, *glorious*, A/S gem, Women by ranga. It's just breathtaking, crisp and...yeah, I'm slightly jealous.

So I guess today's moral is Try Something New 'Cause Ya Never Know. *g*