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August 25th, 2005

Aug. 25th, 2005

I succumbed to the love meme over at luna_k's place. And the neat thing? I get to love all over people anonymously. Stealth love. Sneakity-sneak. Gotcha! *loves from the shadows*

For the best parody/homage ever, check out Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Poet by ladysisyphus and rahaeli. It's T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland" redone HP style. 'Tis glorious. I had not thought Death Eaters had undone so many.

pandarus asks To ship or not to ship over at her place. Cause, you know, maybe sometimes friendship can be the best ship of all.

nautibitz gives us B/S/A Sims' 2 style.