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August 26th, 2005

Aug. 26th, 2005

My hard drive gave up the ghost today. It fought valiantly but sputtered and died. Mr. Romany is currently beating on the case, shouting, "Why won't this thing open?" I think he broke the case. *g*

I lost a lot: all my WIPs, my word processing program (Mr. Romany doesn't have one and mine was pre-installed: "Look Ma, no CD!"), my icons in reserve, my saved email. *sigh* My own fault, since the drive gave me plenty of warning and I ditzed around without backing up everything.

But, on a shallow note, I had a "pretty" day today. So I guess the universe is trying to even things out. *g*

And thank you to those of you who sent me love-notes for the love meme!

*blows kisses*