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September 29th, 2005

Things Once Done Gladly, AtS, A/S, Adult

Okay, I've been missing from LJ-land. I still owe comments, and I owe charity fic. Took a quick peek this morning and saw that someone needed comfort fic. This is nothing new (to me), just a little something from ye olde epic that may never get posted in its entirety. This is for kita0610 who requested comment porn. So it's Connor-flavored A/S.

Title: Things Once Done Gladly
Author: Romany
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Rating: Adult (explicit sex)
Length: 1,392 words
Spoilers: takes place after AtS 5x18, "Origin"
Warnings: slash, use/abuse of the word "Da", Connor-flavoring, possible schmangst
Disclaimer: All belongs to Joss, ME and such; all for fun, not for profit.
A/N: Thanks to netweight for the look-over.

Our gifts once given are now twice taken; acts once done gladly are now rue laden...Collapse )