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October 9th, 2005

Oct. 9th, 2005

This icon here? Is not me. I never even considered that someone would mistake it for me. And yet last night, while on the phone with my oldest friend--as in we've known each other since we were *three* years old--he said, "Why are you blonde?"

That is *so* not my chin.

This icon (by littlewillow) is of Sharon from Angel 1x02 "Lonely Hearts". I just love that coy, evil smile she has right before she goes to devour someone.

Admin stuff: I have gone on a brief friending spree since, you know, I just spam your journals all day long. *facepalm* Heh. I'll try to be better about commenting. Really, trulio-truly. So this means that I've gone over the psychological maximum for my flist. You know, that little number in my head that says, go beyond this and you are *not* sane? As a result, I've trimmed some of the dead and double journals. If I trimmed an active reader, I apologize. Please feel free to email me at my LJ address if you'd like me to add you back.

Tech stuff: I have a lovely, lovely banner that I've commissioned. And I can't put it up because I can't figure out how to go beyond the LJ editing wizard for dummies. In other words, I SUCK!