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October 12th, 2005

Housekeeping and the odd manifesto.

Just a few housekeeping notes:

I've redone my info blurb for the first time in almost two years. Yes, almost two years, *gasp*, you've been stuck with me for that long. *g*

Apologies to my dial-up friends, but I succumbed to the banner craze.

Thanks to the lovely marenfic, I've finally figured out how to put up the banner that I commissioned from xanphibian. She worked long and hard on this because I told her that I wanted an Angel/Spike banner but that I didn't want it to be 'shippy. That's right--no manips, no Kiss, no Hand Holding. My request was very specific.

This is where you sputter and say, "But...," and point indignantly to my fic.

Yes, I fic them, man-bits and all, but the sex isn't the point.

Why I ship Angel/Spike.Collapse )

Well, I kinda shot my wad with that one, huh? Brevity's not my strong suit.