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October 15th, 2005

Beta appreciation

For those of you who are waiting for a response to their comments on my last post, I will get to them. I'm just operating slowly at the moment and am a bit overwhelmed at the response--pleasantly, yes, but still overwhelmed.

It seems that I missed Beta appreciation day by, oh, two days, I think. Better late than never.

netweight, thank you for holding my hand and continuing to do so with the ginormous A/S epic that is still taking shape. Thank you for politely pointing out where I veer from canon and making me defend or abandon my choices. Thank you for looking at the minutiae as well as the landscape and never once complaining of vertigo.

nihilistbear, thank you for going through my work and thank you for the many discussions that we've had regarding the nature of Spike. I'm sorry that RL has made you withdraw from fandom; I miss you very much.

kita0610, thank you for your respectful comments, for offering to beta my work. Thank you for taking a look at something so flawed and seeing something of value there.

glossing, thank you for offering to take a look at my Angelus piece. It's only due to my other obligations that I haven't sent you anything yet, but I appreciate the offer nonetheless and feel that you should be included in this list.