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November 14th, 2005

So this time, I've been absent a bit because the Romanitas have been ill and we've been watching movies, reading books, and, yes, going online to find things that interest them. They like looking at my icon page although they get frustrated that they can't enlarge any of the pictures. *g* So I've decided to expand outside of my one true fandom and get icons that interest myself and the Romanitas. And I've come to the startling conclusion that 100 is NOT enough! Not enough to reflect my wandering interests let alone theirs. *sigh*

Plus the older Romanita is old enough to read over my shoulder. And old enough, at least she *thinks* she is, to want to read Power Rangers fic. And, um, a lot of it is shippy. And we haven't had the buzzing of the bees, the tweeting of the birds talk yet. There's gotta be gen Power Rangers fic out there, right? *chews fingernails* I wouldn't let her wander around a convention by herself; I certainly wouldn't let her wander around the internet by herself. She's only six! *clings*

On the cute side, the Romanitas are collaborating on Scooby Doo fic. They're arguing about the plot. *dies from cuteness*

Ack! I have no Scooby Doo icons. Or Redwall. Or...

Oh, and I should thank thedeadlyhook for unknowingly pointing me out to where the cool Power Rangers icons are. I snuck a peek at her keywords.