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December 19th, 2005

No one should wear the Scarlet Letter.

Now as I was tooling around in my car as I am wont to do at this crazy time of year, the morning DJs on a particular radio station were talking about the top ten selling DVDs this month. March of the Penguins was on the list, and so was Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Then one of the DJs said, "Please don't buy Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Just don't, because we all know what happened as a result of that movie."

And because of the kind of person I am, that boycott message irked me. I'm gonna boycott Mr. and Mrs. Smith just as much as I railed for Clinton's impeachment because of a little Oval Office impropriety. Which means completely not.

Because I feel infidelity does not impact how a person performs his or her job. I feel that infidelity is a private matter that should be discussed by the parties directly involved.

I do not believe that anyone should be made to wear the Scarlet Letter. That novel was tragic for a reason.

I guess I'm just freaking immoral or something.