December 21st, 2005

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I bought a butt germ and the plague.

The older Romanita woke up with a fever of 102 today so I haven't accomplished that much. Luckily, I had finished up the last of my shopping yesterday. Except for groceries. Heh.

But I found these yesterday, GIANTmicrobes! I bought four for my sister: the common cold, the plague, e. coli, and TB. See? Take horrendous diseases, make'em all plush and cuddly with eyeballs and everything--and instant cute!

My wee Romanita is particularly fond of the black death (death has blue eyes; who knew?) and e.coli. She ran around with the e.coli last night while shouting out, "Butt germ! Butt germ!" We had just had the "and this is why we wash our hands" discussion.

After looking at the website, she wants to have this one. Hopefully, it's the only kind of mono she's ever gonna get.

Um. Anyone want to come over to my house and entertain a healthy and bored four-year old while I tend to my limp and radioactive six-year old? No one? *sigh*
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