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Preschool, femslash, my life is full of compartments

Yes! ::pumps fist in air:: I wrote femslash! Well, okay, drabbled femslash. But, hey, a first for me. This week's challenge for open_on_sunday is teh sex. And it was all het and manslash (which is teh pretty). So, hey, where are the womyn? So I wrote B/F, circa BtVS s3. I do have to credit bookishwench who wrote W/K and alixnoorchis who wrote B/F (I wasn't first! *cries* Check it out, though!).

The tv’s on in Faith’s rathole-room but nobody’s watching. Kicks off the last of the shit covers as she slides down Buffy. Her tongue’s on fucking overdrive as...

“Gyuuu-aawwwd.” How many fingers does B got? And they’re going at it, going at it...

And they’re just shit-for-brains after cause, yeah, it’s that good.

Gives B one good and slow. “Mmmm, don’t I taste yummy?”

Buffy looks away, “Angel.”

“Not the delivery boy these days. ‘Sides, eating ain’t cheating.”

“Rationalize much?” Buffy’s clothes-diving now.

“No big. We take care of each other, B.”

“Yeah. It’s nice...thanks.”

And there she goes.

And I'm gonna try and be a *good* girl and respond to the other drabbles along with my flist as much as I can. But my girls are revelling in the fact that their preschool has spring break this week. Preschool. Spring break. *sigh* I am in love with preschool. A few hours to myself out of the day. Is that too much to ask? *am selfish mom*
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