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Fanged Four Musings because I really should be doing something else

Because I have children to tend to, work that needs to be done, email that needs answering and an flist that needs watering, I've decided to ramble on about the fanged four.

But you know, um, priorities.

1. Why do so many fanfic writers assume that since Angelus is such an alpha that he's never taken it up the ass? I've written him that way myself. But how do we know that he hasn't? Canon can't tell us because, you know, network TV.

We do know that vampires are quite sexual creatures. Take unchecked desire, wrap it up in human skin, and you get a vampire. And we also know that vampires are products of their time--not aging and, perhaps, not evolving. Darla is very much the Jacobean manipulator; Angelus the classic hedonist, Drusilla the tragic pre-Raphaelite; and Spike the schizophrenic Victorian.

And yes, Angelus is a classic hedonist: one who values his pleasure above others-- especially at the expense of others. He values mental and spiritual torture along with the physical. And he gets off on it.

(I could also argue that Angelus also fits the role of Byronic hero, the Dark Romantic--and no this is not mutually exclusive from classic hedonism; hell, look at Byron.)

So what does this have to do with Angelus taking it up the ass, you ask? Shouldn't this model prove that he doesn't? No. Because the classic hedonist values *all* sexual experience--the more sordid, the better--to refute morality, to prove that *nothing* is sacred, to prove that they have complete power no matter the position (pun intended). If Sade is anything to go by, the "top" in a sandwich situation is the one in the middle, the one who receives *complete* stimulation.

Angelus can mock God just as well with a cock up his ass as by raping and pillaging a convent. So who's to say that our William wasn't taught a little bit of *everything* by Angelus, that he wasn't forced to give it as well as take it? And if you sputter and say, "But you can't force..." Oh yes, you can. And yes, forcing someone to penetrate you can be made just as degrading as you penetrating *them*.

(I should give kudos to itsabigrock and sangpassionne for demonstrating this in their CtC series piece, Shades of Red. Although they might not agree with my assessment.)

Also we shouldn't forget Darla in all this. Angelus might be the top dog but in any pack it's the bitch that rules, that's the true alpha. And it's true with this foursome. Who's to say she didn't engage in a bit of penetrating prostate stimulation with him? Fingers, fist, whip-handle...I'm sure she did it and got off on it. Pleasure, pain, power--it's all one to her as well.

And speaking of Darla...on to point # 2.

2) Okay, the assumption that Darla/Spike never happened flabbergasts me. What? She was *faithful* to Angelus? She only fucked her darling boy? Sure, she loved him, but she's a vampire, hello? Come on! She's gonna pass that up? And what about Darla/Dru? That periscope has broken the surface of subtext in canon and *still* few people write it. Okay. Repeat after me. They fucked each other. They all fucked each other. And most likely TOGETHER. ALL AT ONCE. So no sneaking off. Sure you can have the revenge, I'm so jealous, fuck, but they knew about it. Smell. Remember? They can't hide that. So, yeah, many a foursome and variations thereof. And there can be whining and raging and caterwauling. But that was probably during the fucking while they're eyeballing each other.

After Angelus became Angel, Darla travelled with Dru & Spike for at least TWO years. She slept by herself? She said, "You crazy kids go ahead and have a good time?" She was *celibate*? No, she probably did whatever she wanted with them. And if Spike said, "Get your own girl." She probably beat the crap out of him and *then* fucked him to prove that she could. And Dru probably helped her do it. But more than likely he capitulated willingly to her demands.

And speaking of Spike...on to the next point.

3) Why do writers assume that William was a blushing virgin when he was turned? His shy mannerisms at some party (where that shocking thing said the "B" word in society--obviously a woman of ill reputation)? His utter devotion to Cecily? Um. This is 1880 England. London sported anywhere between 10,000 - 100,000 prostitutes at this time. There were approximately 1800 brothels alone. Even a man of modest means could afford a mistress. And often did. Victorian England compartmentalized its sexuality. A man could easily attend church in the morning and visit his mistress or the brothel that evening.

I figure that our William was turned at 26. 26 years old and he never engaged the services of a prostitute? In fact some doctors recommended it so that young men wouldn't self-pollute. And the humours of the body were thought to be out of balance if sexual release were *not* attained. If nothing else, his father probably dragged him to one to make a man out of him.

It's possible that he didn't do so; but more likely that he did. In fact, he could have attended a brothel quite regularly and still exhibited the behavior we saw in FFL and LMPTM. It would go a long way to explain Spike's behavior towards Harmony. If he isn't the epitome of the Madonna/Whore syndrome in Jossverse, I don't know who is.

It's even possible that he could have engaged the services of a male prostitute, although not as likely. Male bisexual experimentation, if "My Secret Life" is to be believed, occurred more often than our modern minds realize. And anyway, he probably went to public school. What? They earned their reputation for sexual hazing in the twentieth century?

I'm just saying. And watch the defriending begin. I'm still sensitive. Hold me.
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