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Why did I sign up for a ficathon? Why? Like I had enough time to keep up with my flist *before*.

The more I keep up with LJ, the less I write. The more I write, the less I keep up with LJ.

There's got to be a balance. Somewhere. Cue angelic chorus. Lo! The Grail!

Shhh! It's only a model. No. Wait. That was the castle. *sigh*

And I know some of you are here for the fic. Which, um, I don't have a lot of. *rattles empty can* (And you're supposed to politely ignore that I just ended a sentence in a preposition. Maybe I can split some infinitives while I'm at it.)

Well, the fic she is a-comin', icumen in, whatever.

Sophomore slump. Sophomore slump. Slump. Slump. Slump. Slumpity-slump.

*slumps away*
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