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Drabble time again

This week's theme for open_on_sunday is, fittingly, endings.

Fitting it should end in an alleyway.

“Angel, you know where we’re goin’ to end up.”

“Yeah. See you there.”

Nothing but the brush of fingertips between them. Then Angel leapt up like fucking Batman.

Fine. Got a bunch of demons to take care of anyway.

“How you holdin’ up, Charlie?”

“Fine, English...”

In the voice he shed long ago, “It’s alright, Charles. We’ve got it.”

“Okay, Wes...” Gunn fell.

“You lie well.” she said, her fists slowing.

Just time enough to look up at the glorious bastard astride the plummeting dragon.

Yeah, him and Angel, they made a difference...
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