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Drive-by rec

Okay, I've been laying low because I have this fic that's due for the Angel ficathon on the 30th. Promised myself I wouldn't get on LJ except to do the birthdays--cause that's important.

So I broke my own rule, which is bad because what do I do? I click on the most gorgeous, painful post-AtS fic. It's stunning. Lyrical and keening and no punches pulled. Just spot-on. And now I can't write. a. damn. word. Everything I have to say pales in comparison. What's the point?

This a rec and I'm talking about me. Heh.

It's Big Exit by amerella. Oh, it's A/S and NC-17, kids, just gotta warn ya cause I linked to the cut-tag.

Just so you know that she's not Botticelli's Venus springing full grown from the sea, not to imply that she's not a gorgeous writer because oh yeah, but she writes like this all the damn time. Just last week she posted Stop Me If You've Heard This One which is BtVS s6 S/B, R this time, with a splash of slash. Just as intense and just as gorgeous.

She's also up at All About Spike and Slashing the Angel. Deservedly, oh, so deservedly so. Yes, amerella is a name to remember.
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