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Double-fisting the fics and general freakage

First off the birthdays!

Happy Birthday!
cbking July 1
spuzz July 2
littlesammy July 3

I also hope that all my friends up North had a great Canada Day. *waves maple leaf*

Next, slash icons:

Why are there no slash icons posted to the major icon communities? Heck, in May, it seemed like S/A was the flavor of the month. But now? It's all het, het, het. Hold me, I feel oppressed. *g* But look at the pretty that nihilistbear made! Because threesomes are good too. *coughs*

I'm double-fisting the fics right now. Huffing and puffing and falling asleep behind the wheel. Bleagh! So I'm behind on everyone's LJ. Really. Same old, same old.

I'm starting to really freak about writercon. *runs off screaming into the night*
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