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No matter what I do, I keep falling down to the top

I have no clue what that means but my littlest Romanita said it with the oddest mixture of wistfulness and glee. She's very weird, I heart her.

I've been mostly absent from LJ these past few weeks. Nothing major, just busy being mom and daughter (I'm flying out to Nashville next week with the Romanitas to visit with my ailing mama).

I have so much to say and no time so a few quick links, some old, some new:

herself_nyc opens up the topic of what liking m/m slash says about us women

nihilistbear wants to know why we like our favorite pairing(s)

kita0610 poses a question for RPS writers. Note: I know the subject of RPF can be contentious. Please show courtesy if you link through. Thank you.

glossing asks what are the deciding factors when choosing a fic to read: reading & personality

And a really quick pimp for an up and coming fanfic star: dodyskin She has the most incredible ear for dialogue and the most incredible hands for metaphor. Her voice is refreshing and unique. If you click over to her LJ, she has her fic linked at the top. Check out any of them. Please. They're absolutely gorgeous.

Okay. Gotta go run and be mom. See Romany run. Run, Romany, run.
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