Romany (romanyg) wrote,

I am loved!!!!

Someone posted a B/S/A fic, Unexpected, for me on sekrit_admirer. Yay!

Whoever you are, darling, you've made me so happy. If I promise to squeeze my eyes shut, will you come over here for a big, squishy hug?

*makes arm-scissor motions in the dark, bumps into furniture*

And there's also the lj crush meme... Crush Meme

Number of crushes on me so far: 4

LJ username:

*snuggles the four* And I know who you are 'cause I crushed you back! Hee!

I know I owe my own version of the wildness of Writercon. Not ready yet. But let me say one thing: To all those people who think that fandom is full of nothing but homely women with no social skills? Bwhahahahahaha! You are *so* wrong! Fandom and LJ is full of vivaciousness and teh sexay, let me tell you. And I got to see it all!

*twirls and dances, bumps into more furniture*

Ow! My knee...
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