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Here I come a-recc'in'

I'm back from my Southern sojourn and my oldest Romanita is a week into kindergarten (and look Ma! No tears from either of us. Yay! Except the little Romanita cried. *hugs little one*)

So now I'm drowning in my flist and trying desperately to get a clue. *blinks and blinks again, reaches "skip=200" and still can't see bottom*

So I'm going to rec some stuff that I've gleaned off the top. If I've missed something, please don't be too shy or too polite to say so.


1. sd_herald: This is an LJ newsletter that links to the major Jossverse events of the day such as fic postings, memes, essays. Selflessly edited by spuzz, this is a great tool for those who either have massive flists and might miss something and for those who want to know what's happening beyond their flist.

2. con_critique: Inspired by the Community That Shall Not Be Named, this is the place to go for constructive criticism of fic. *Wonderful* idea to provide a true workshop atmosphere on LJ. If I had more time, I'd join myself because I believe in constructive feedback. Also a good place to meet new authors.

3. ship_manifesto: This is the place to go for essays on various relationships/pairings in many fandoms. Currently BtVS/AtS essays are being posted. Penned by the best in the business, by the quintessential authors of these ships, these are worth much more than a cursory glance.

4. fanfic_convos: Moderated by the splendiferous entrenous88, this community began as a creative and positive alternative for those who could not attend Writercon. I'm sure new dialogue and friendships were inspired by this community. And it appears that the community is not a one-shot but is continuing. Check it out.

Fic Recs

1. Where They Have To Take You In by herself_nyc is finally complete and up on her site. NC-17 Spuffy with a splash of slash. The latest in the Bittersweet Series but can be read as standalone longfic. Note: I can't link through to the story page so the link is to the site page. Sorry!

2. Bodie by dakinigrl is post-AtS S/A and exquisitely harsh. This has become the first chapter of an ongoing work, "Strange Attractors".

3. All That's Best of Bright and Dark by redbrickrose is understated, angsty, post-series B/S/A. And I've never made it a secret that I likes me some A/S/B (because I like to switch those little letters around--nobody's the clear top in that threesome) and when I see well-written B/A/S? Yowza! There goes my deviant heart.

4. Vicarious by lynnenne is a different twist of A/S/B. A quick glance would make this PWP but that is so misleading. This is exquisitely full of dynamic. Can't say much more than that without giving it away.

5. Old Ghosts by chrisleeoctaves is wonderful post-series B/A/S. Willow and Giles are here as well and the Giles that she draws here is wonderful. This story is lovely and understated. Every new fic that I read from Chrislee surpasses the one she wrote before. Painful and glorious and full of the small details that anchor this to the gut.

6. Compassing Wonders, chapter 8 by glossing is up. G/O Verona Beach A/U. Stunning. The language alone makes this stunning. Each of the characters is recognizable. No mean feat for A/U. Vampires and slayers exist here but, just go read it, okay?

7. There Is No Seven by tesla321 is a BtVS/AtS/X-Files crossover that blends the two verses seamlessly and wonderfully (I've linked to the memories page so you can start from the beginning). Since both franchises are owned by Fox, do you think...? Nah. I wish.

That's it for now. For lo! the children calleth!
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