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Drive-by Rec

Okay, sometimes there's fic that I read, that I like, gives me a warm fuzzy. So I feedback (or sometimes get distracted, I'm bad), maybe rec. Maybe save to memories. And that happens pretty much every day (LJ-day, RL-days may vary). I'm 100+ on my flist now. And if there's one thing that hammered itself home to me (See the bruise? See, right there.) at Writercon is that I'm pretty much a fic-slut. Sure, I have my preferences. But I like to go where the writing is.

So sometimes there's a fic that I read. And it stops me cold. Sends those little prickles of sweat dancing down the back of my neck. Because the voice, the place, is that good.

Charmed Life by automatedalice_ is that good. This is her entry for summer_of_spike. Pre-series Spike, 1990 Los Angeles. And Billy Idol. Yes, Billy Idol. This isn't a faint homage to the BtVS running gag, this is hard and fluid. Sends you into the moment, the sharp tang of history. This is one of the best Spike voices I've *ever* read.

So yeah, go read, go feed.
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