Romany (romanyg) wrote,

Ginormous birthday post

It seems in my flitting in and out of LJ that I missed a bunch of birthdays. *hangs head in shame*

I'm just going to make a list here:

sunka2 July 11 - One of my first LJ friends who was kind enough to comment on a newbie

elucidate_this July 13 - Who I met at Writercon, very sweet and a fellow believer in B/A/S

alias_lilacgirl July 27 - A drabbler extraordinaire, funny as all get-out, a firm AtS fan

estepheia August 27 - Hers was the first S/A fic I ever read, wonderful writer and wonderful person

kitty_poker1 August 29 - A passionate S/X fan and writer, she doesn't post on LJ often but is wonderful when she does

dessert_first September 1 - We may share a birthday but she has the lion's share of the talent. Anyone who says that human AU distorts character hasn't been reading her On Location In Egypt series

kindkit September 2 - An exquisite writer who writes G/O like nobody's business.

discord26 September 17 - One of my mysterious friends, someone that took a chance on me. She's quick with the birthday greetings (unlike me, *whistles*).

0nlymemories October 2 - I had the privilege to be her beta once. Did you know that it's *harder* to beta for a good writer? But how could I pass up the chance to help polish up an S/A/X piece? How could I?

itsabigrock October 7 - Archivist and writer extraordinaire. She's given so much to the fandom and is a wonderfully vivacious asset. Fandom's all the richer for her presence.

Birthday smooches to all! *kiss kiss* Your prezzies are in the mail.

Plus look at the shiny icon that miss_tress made me! *loves her new shiny*
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