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It's International Feedback Day

As gets decided in these LJ snowballs, today is slated as International Feedback Day. I'm getting a bit of a late (and a rough) start, but I figure that twining its little fingers through reading and feeding is the reccing. So as not to spam y'all, I'll ETA with recs here.

* First rec goes to someone I've only brushed by in these LJ halls, kivrin. As far as I can figure, she mainly drabbles in open_on_sunday. She's only written one longer work, and I wish she'd do more. But right now, I'm reccing her drabbles. Yeah, drabbles. Drabbling ain't easy, folks. It's nuance and poetry, really. And hers? Her Giles that she can paint in 100 words is freaking amazing. Here's a linkety-link to her latest, Sick, Sicker.

* Second rec is for a fic hot off the keyboard, Menage by lynnenne. This is historical William/Dru/Angelus with just a glorious transition of voice. Of course Lynne already showed us her capabilities in Vicarious (which is AtS s5 A/S with a splash of Buffy, by the way). I can sneak that one in here since I pimped Vicarious version 1 but not the final version. *g*
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