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I'm late for my own party or Happy (belated) LJ-versary to me!

Well the date for my LJ-versary has come and gone. November 2 of this year just did not seem the appropriate time to toot my own horn and throw confetti in the air. LJ was rightfully busy with other things. Like, oh, the fate of the country, fate of the world, that sort of thing.

But I've got my horn now and I'm gonna toot it. Toot toot.

Guess I did it all backwards. Lurked in fandom for a tiny bit, read voraciously (which is typical, that's not the backwards part). But then I got an LJ before I joined any of the lists. I didn't know a soul. Just went in and put my money on the counter. And here's why:

Delurked and signed up, because something about eliade's post last night ticked me off. I read her LJ every day. Look forward to it. Find it enticing, thought provoking. Geez, she can write the pants off anybody in the room! Memoir, fiction, random thoughts...doesn't matter. Almost hurts me to read her. Makes me feel small, insignificant. I imagine her as this big power source, compelling, gorgeous, enthralling...And then she writes about going to IHOP, running into an old coworker, feeling embarrassed by the way she looks, going to seed...Just. No. Stop. It. Shut. Up. She doesn't go on and on about it, but still. Grrrr! Can't stand it when powerful women shoot themselves. :::wrestles her to the ground. shock on her face. "Who the eff are you?" Jostles gun of self-denigration out of her hands. I stand triumphant, gun in my hand, "Mine. Go." Aim straight at right big toe, safety back, shoots self::: Don't worry. It'll grow back. Always does. - from LJ entry dated 11/03/03

So yeah, I was one of the anonymouses who clicked on that little blog/livejournal link from Anna's website.
And yes, that means that I started out as a Spuffy reading Season Noir and had the glory!hallelujah conversion to slash by reading Sidelines and Subtleties.

Other stories that I explored, read and cherished: Company in Hell by mpoetess and wolfling, the beginning of the wonderful Paving Stones Spike/Giles S6 AU series. And Tucker's Brother by Jess (poisoninjest) which is just a glorious Spike/Andrew story.

Anyone who doesn't know that I like Spike, raise their hand. But where's the S/A, you ask? For the love of all that's slashy, how does this lead up to S/A? Good question. Here's your answer:

Okay. This was supposed to be fun. A little lark into the world of fanfic. Wasn't enough just to watch, just to read. No. I had to jump up and down like a three-year old and shout "Me too! Me too! I wanna try! Lookie me!" Wanted to write a cute little Spander piece, all fluff and such. But no...Angel has to show up and push me out of the driver's seat. Told me not to worry. Told me he knew the road. Liar. Doesn't know what the eff he's doing. He's winging it. Now we're barreling down the highway, forcing cars off the road. Or at least we did. Haven't seen another car for miles. And this Angel, this bastard, I trusted him. He's got my Spike chained up in the trunk. He hurt him. Bad. And he promised he wouldn't. I've grabbed a frayed map from the glove compartment, but I can't make it out, doesn't say shit. And I'm shaking, don't even want the car anymore. Let him jack it, I don't care. Right now, I'm just hoping he'll slow down at the curve, enough for me to jump out, just break a few bones, crawl off to the trees. Maybe, just maybe, he'll let me go... from LJ entry dated 11/11/03

So that's right, boys and girls, I got LJ-jacked by Angel a year ago and I've been a passenger ever since. You know, you can live on drive-thru. Who knew?

And the fic result of that fevered entry? Is His Body A Boat. Yes, it took me 5 months to write 12 drabbles. I know, I know, don't quit my day-job. *g*

So I said that I didn't know anyone when I started. True. But I commented in other LJs and joined a few lists. Was even bold enough to make a rec on the now barely breathing Better Buffy Slash group. And linked my LJ just for a lark. Hey, everybody else was doing it. What?

So, lo and behold, that very day my nobody loves me friend-of list gained two people: chrisleeoctaves, who is still a wonderful friend and host of my webpage, and cerisaye, who I miss very much. They saw something in that one little intro rec to make them come on over and stay a while. I can never thank them enough for that welcome.

In December, I joined open_on_sunday and gained my first drabble friend, leni_ba, who is a wonderful woman and generous soul.

And then I stalked most of you and ended up with my ginormous flist of 120 people + 22 communities.

*gives giant random squishy hugs to netweight, nihilistbear, kita0610, knotted_rose, glossing, lynnenne, redbrickrose, itsabigrock, dodyskin, xanphibian, ponders_life, herself_nyc, entrenous88, spuzz, kitty_poker1, sunka2, tesla321, dovil, ladycat777, obsessedmuch, littlesammy, szandara, skipthedemon, willshenilshe, janedavitt*

*motions the rest of you in for group hug*

Hey, where's the champagne at? This glass is empty!

And see the icon? Made by the lovely spuzz for me! *smooches her*
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