Romany (romanyg) wrote,

I am a fandom of one! And a fandom of four!

So yeah, I've taken to watching Lost. And I'm quite amused by the shipper wars that have quickly risen (just *9* episodes in, dude, *9*). Jack/Kate vs. Sawyer/Kate. Jack vs. Sawyer. My boy is better, deserves more, yours sucks, yadda yadda.

So I say, Jack...Sawyer...yes.

Because me? I ship Jack/Sawyer. I am a fandom of four! *waves to Lar*

But I think Kate adds that extra spice so I ship Jack/Kate/Sawyer. I am a fandom of one!

*dodges bullets from crazed fan!girls for daring to man!slash their boys*

I so need a Jack/Sawyer icon. But there aren't any. *sigh*

This does *not* mean that I've abandoned Spike/Angel or Buffy/Spike/Angel. My first love(s). No no no. It's just, um, same ship, different fandom. Yeah, like that.

Oh, and Sayid's hot too. Yes, he is.
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