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I posted something to the BetterBuffySlash group tonight that just makes me cringe now. Somehow I thought I was insightful or something. *stupid*stupid*stupid*
I defended a story that had been recced and received a few negative votes because of sloppy punctuation. So I thought I'd get all witty:

The author has a feel for language if not necessarily for the
punctuation of it. Yet some of the "errors" work for me. The
sentence fragments didn't bother me because of the 3rd person POV.
In my opinion, POV should reflect the voice of the character. And
what are Spike and Xander but walking sentence fragments? Also the
extreme run-on sentences during the sex scenes may, in fact, be
deliberate. A comma is but a breath, the next word a continuation
rather than a new beginning. The reader races through these
paragraphs with but a few intakes of breath. The effect mimics the
act portrayed. The insertion of myriads of periods and capital
letters would slow the pacing down.

Now all these intelligent, educated women are probably tittering behind their hands or rolling their eyes or simply ignoring me. Ignoring. Ignoring is good. My ignorance is showing. *stupid*stupid*stupid*

And what the heck is "meta" anyway? (See there's my ignorance again) Can someone please explain "meta" to me? I know "meta" is Latin for change. Metamorphosis, metabolism, metacarpal, metatarsal, metaphosphoric acid. How does this apply to fan fiction? Is it a literary theory term? Aargh! I don't know. Meta isn't even a word, it's a prefix. So it has to be short for something. Metasomething. Metawhat? ::kneels before you:: Please, please tell me. Please?

In other news: I called Jodi at American Ice Theater today because they need four more skaters for two local shows. Someone forwarded the casting call email to me. Rehearsals started tonight. Of course they want novice or gold dance level skaters. In novice you're supposed to have about half your triples. Umm, er, that is so not me. She was nice about it and told me to come watch the show. Oh well, there go my dreams of running off and joining an iceshow. C'est la vie.

I wanted to go read the rest of the drabbles today, but I am sooo tired.
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