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Something old, something new: or What I've been reading pt. 1

Okay, we all know that I suck at feedback. True, once in a while, I'll leave a gushy comment but most of the time I read and run because I've got little kids and a husband and oh, yeah, my training *snerk*.

This is only the beginning of manymany recs.

* Lions by _dellamore is an exquisite S2 AU, Spike POV, that is sharp and lyrical and oh, so intense. Her description of Dru just makes me shiver. S/D, S/Aus, S/X implied. Alas, this powerful writer has slipped away from LJ for a bit, forever, dunno. Come baaackkkk!

* dance like you mean it (aka: Are you there, God? It's me, Buffy.) by amerella. Buffy POV, early BtVS s6, undertones of S/B. Just bleak and dark and lovely.

* Fic commentary for Shape and Space(S/A) by dodyskin. This is an excellent look into the creation of work. I *adore* author commentaries. I think reading about the *process* of writing is invaluable and undervalued. I miss the DVD-style commentary meme that went around late last year, earlier this year. Plus dody's freaking brilliant. Her mind is a landscape unto no other. Truly.

* 24 ficlets by doyle_sb4. Rare pairings written for the buffyverse1000 community. They're wonderful, but the real power is reading these together. Because they *all* work. Even the ones that make you go "huh"? to see that little pairing indicator. They *all* work; and doyle's understated style cannot be heralded enough.

I have more. But, see, I already have to go do stuff. Life is so demanding. *sigh*
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