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Hey, it's all about *you* too, you know. Really!

I just went on a friending frenzy. Cause, yeah, you all complain that I spam all the time and have nothing better to do than to leave frivolous comments in your journals. *g* Okay, so I'm mostly the strong, silent type. Well, okay, I at least got the silent down. That's gotta count for something, right? *sigh*

Well, yesterday, I started a fic rec list. This is a little different because today, boys and girls, I'm gonna rec journals. Yep, the whole shebangeroo. Why, you dare to ask, why? *g* Because not all journals are created equal.

Have you ever gone to the site map and clicked on the "random user" link? You haven't? Well, I have because I'm OCD like that and, my God, the average journal is like scraping dry toast across your skin. Just, um, blandly annoying. Did you know that the *average* age of an LJer is 17? You didn't? Well, it is. Which is not to knock the young ones because we all know the talent pool that's sprung forth here like Botticelli's Venus. Some are just born with the ear for language and the fingers to type it out. I do have some young'uns on my list. I read them avidly.

Making an LJ persona is an art because a captivating persona is a combination of many elements: posting style, meta, essays, fic, links, icons, esoterica. You know who I'm talking about. The ones that make you stop scrolling, the ones that make you read, the ones that make you comment.

I do read you all. Really. I don't filter. At all. This list is just a random sampling of who I find captivating. And due to time, I'm not going to be able to post a complete list.

* dakinigrl: She just has bebop pizazz to her posts. She ranges from the wonderfully silly to the politically relevant. Plus killer fic.

* dodyskin: Yes, her fic is exquisite, but dody also has this wonderful energy to her posts. She's also an invaluable resource for all things English.

* dovil: Uniquely and wildly funny. Her madcap mind is a treasure.

* eliade: You all know this one, right? She could talk about clipping her toenails and it would be profoundly lighthearted and fascinating.

* entrenous88: Vivacious. Full of zest and fandom.

* herself_nyc: She treats LJ as a daily journal as well as a place to interact with fandom. Her quiet and wonderfully journalistic, very NYC, style is required daily reading.

* irfikos: She who braves the idiosyncracies of Nebraska and tells us about it without any capital letters. Funny in that biting, bohemian way.

* nihilistbear: Engaged and engaging. Comes across as someone you'd like to have a drink with. Plus there's fic.

* poshcat: People flock to her. She has this magnetic journal style that demands that your finger leave 'scroll' behind. Funny and hot.

* stakebait: She of the useful links and meta, on fandom and on life. There's a reason her friendof list is ginormous.

* sweptawaybayou: Where to go for all things David. *g* Her personality sparkles in her posts. Effervescent.

* szandara: Wistful, but without the put-rocks-in-your-pockets-and-drown drama.

* tesla321: Funny and strong. LJ's version of Lake Wobegon, Alabama-style. Plus killer fic.

* wisteria_: She of the screencaps and tales of the sixth grade. Asks the questions all fandom flocks to answer. Plus, she can write her way out of a paperbag, out of the whole supermarket checkout.

Please, remember this list is by no means complete. Why don't you tell me who's not on here? Who I should be reading? Who makes your day, gives you that little thrill when you see their icon? Tell me. Have your friends tell me too.
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