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Tag! You're it!: The Rec Meme

Eep! I've been tagged in the rec meme! Which is a good thing (thank you, lynnenne) but comes with heavy responsibilities.

I guess the ur-point of this is nashmaveric and the gist of the rec meme is this: Once you're tagged (mentioned) in the meme, you then have to continue the meme by then listing three authors (2 stories each) who have *not* already been mentioned. No repeats. mpoetess has been kind enough to follow this madcap trail and has posted (w/updates) a masterlist.

There can be only three...GAH! *lightning strikes me ded, am kilt*

1. I'm so surprised that _dellamore hasn't been mentioned yet. She writes dark, gorgeous fic. Red Apple Falls is just chilling S/X. And I adore Lions which is Spike s2 AU. I covet her exact use of metaphor, precise and to the bone.

2. People have accused me of having an adequate Spike-voice. I strongly suspect that they have not read anything by automatedalice_. Her entry for summer_of_spike, Charmed Life is one of the best historical Spike stories that I've ever read. This will transport you to 1990 L.A. Truly. She's also known for her series, Half-Gifts, which is stunning S/B.

3. For some reason, very few people know about netweight. She has a glorious S/B/A series of which A Little Love and Playing by the Rules are my favorites. And, just to cheat a little, I adore this ficlet, Angel's Drawings. She has a deceptively simple, lyrical style that just makes my heart do the pit-a-pat.

And there are so many others...but I mustn't be selfish, I need to leave some for the rest of you. Tag! You're it!
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