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I'm still sick. But I did want to crawl onto LJ for a bit and thank people for the truly wonderful kindnesses that they've shown me.

I've received several icon gifts. This one is from glossing. I've also received an s/a icon from nihilistbear and a Giles icon from preetybird. Thank you!

And I've received lovely holiday cards from regala_electra, knotted_rose, kita0610, and chrisleeoctaves. The lovely dodyskin also sent a wonderful e-card. Thank you!

kita0610 included a bit of lady luck in her card. The scratchable kind. *g* Thank you!

chrisleeoctaves sent a wonderful little calendar which is perfect for my computer closet (yes, I work from inside a closet *g*). Thank you!

discord26 gave me two months of user pics. Thank you!

And the anonymous lj-fairy has waved its magic wand and given me two months of lj-time. Thank you!

I know one or two of you said that they sent something that's not on this list. I'm not ungrateful--I just haven't received it!

Also I did send out holiday cards myself but I didn't mail them out until the afternoon of the 24th on the way up to the in-laws. *hangs head* If I had your address, you should be receiving a card sometime this week or next.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!
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