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True Porn Clerk Stories

Everybody probably knows about this site already, but I have discovered True Porn Clerk Stories. This is roughly a year's worth of observations that Ali Davis made while working in at the porn counter in a video store. Picture an anthropologist's journal. That's what this is. Wonderful.

I don't think it's that women are less sexual than men. I think they could or would like porn if the situation were different. There are still fairly big taboos about women admitting to being interested in porn - even for the ones who rent pretty racy stuff from upstairs. And the movies would have to be different. There'd have to be more about why these people are having sex. A better reason than Tab A fitting into Slot B, at least.

This is so true of NC-17 fanfic. The majority of readers and writers are women. Yeah, we like our porn. But we like it a more *cough*fleshed out*cough. 3-D mind-porn.

Ack! Kidmergency. Gotta go.
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