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Of tongues and ships: or Equal opportunity--it's not just for the workplace

I'm still stuck in the LJ wayback machine. I'm anal enough to insist on going as far back as I can (custom_no_communities?skip=1000) and have made it all the way up 01/29/05. Not reading fic, just reading up on all the angst, joy, and silliness that's going on with all of you. Throw in a little meta, a little politics, a little sex and I have my lunchtime reading for the day.

Like I said, I'm anal. Speaking of which, what's up with rimming primarily being a manslash thing? Where's the het and femslash rimming?

I've got *two* examples: 1)For Her Own Good by poshcat, Spike/Dawn, and 2)Loan Out by kjdraft, Spike/Buffy/Faith.

So, please, oh gentle flist, show me the variety. Show me that rimming isn't the exclusive territory of manslash. Show me the women!

Because if I have to read "...and then Spike quickly pounded into her quivering quim..." or "...and then Angel thrust himself ever so slowly between her open, eager legs..." or "...Faith slurped her hungry cunt..." one more time...

Yeah, I want the rim-job. Gimme non-manslash rim fic. 'Cause, to bend the old adage--tongues and assholes, everybody's got'em.

Magic words: please and thank you. With a cherry on top. Prettypretty please.
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