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Daytime TV: Slash happens

A few days ago, I was slogging away on the recumbent bike at the gym and watching Live! with Regis and Kelly on the strategically placed tv. Yes, shut up, I only watch it when I'm held captive. Who knew that elevating your heartrate for a long period of time could be so *boring*? Anything will grab my attention.

So I watched Regis and Kelly as Kevin James promoted the movie, Hitch. The usual stuff, "I had a great time; Will Smith is great to work with..." Yadda yadda. Pump, pump, pump, are we there yet?

But then Kelly Ripa said that the "man-kiss" between James and Smith shown in the trailer got her hot. (For those of you who've seen the trailer, it's really not. It's a joke; it's *played* as a joke.) And then she said, "Regis, you're always saying that you're a better kisser than Will Smith." She and the audience *dared* Regis and Kevin James to kiss. Regis of course played the discomfort card and said he would allow James to kiss him on the cheek.

When James leant in to kiss that cheek, however, Regis whipped around and planted one right on the lips. Hee! Much to the delight of the audience.

Now I know this was a set-up and probably staged. And Regis Philbin is in no way my slash ideal. But the *idea* of men kissing in public as performative? To thrill women like me slogging away at the gym? (And there were a few men hooting and hollering and egging them on...) I like it. Thrills my slashy heart. And lets me know that slash is a much more *common* desire than the anti-slashers would have us believe.

Just saying.
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