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The Ship Meme

I gakked the ship meme from leni_ba.

One True Pairing Ship:
Spike/Xander Don't make me choose! I started out in fanfic as a Spanderslut.

Canon Ship:
Spike/Angel So long subtext, we hardly knew ye!
Willow/Tara Dancing at the Bronze. *sigh*

If This Happens I'll Stab My Eyes Out With A Spork 'Ship:
Wes/Fred Wes, she doesn't want you!
Spike/Harmony Do not relive my childhood trauma. Just don't.

You Are One Sick Bastard 'Ship:
I used to say Angel/Connor until I read Summer Lovin' by deepad

I Dabble A Little 'Ship:
Spike/Xander/Anya Like eliade said, "Spike is a little black dress. He goes with everything. Everyone."

It's Like A Car Crash 'Ship:
Buffy/Angel I can't even listen to "Wild Horses" without tearing up. But those crazy kids got a lot to work out for themselves before they even think about it again.

Buffy/Spike You know, I spuffied with the best of them during the original run. But I had my little spuffy heart broken. Plus the whole competition of "my vampire is better than your vampire and deserves her more" drives me beserk. Don't even get me started. So I don't want to see B/A or B/S again unless it's Buffy/Spike/Angel.

Tickles My Fancy But Not Sold Quite Yet 'Ship:

Makes No Canon Sense But Why The Hell Not 'Ship:

Everyone Else Loves It But I Just Don't Feel It 'Ship:
Cordelia/Angel I didn't dislike it. Just didn't feel the love, baby

When All Is Said And Done 'Ship:
Spike/Angel This is the irreducible element...
Spike/Angel/Wes Hey, it could happen...
Buffy/Spike/Angel (see above)

My icon is of the lovely Gillian Anderson. This is what I look like to very, very drunk people. Just in case you were wondering.
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