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Okay, I'll bite...

Since April March is icumen in, kita0610 has decided to clean out her fandom closet and admit to her Secret Fandom Shame.

Nothing like the scent of cedar and camphor in the morning. Mmmmm, smell the aroma.

1) I have a threesome kink. I will read the most prosaic, OOC PWP just to get down to the mechanics. Slash, femslash, mix and match, I don't care. My least favorite of these are the het threesomes. You know, where the same-gendered participants just pay attention to the third person and ignore each other. Um, no. If you're gonna go there--go there. Show me the money-shot. Tangle those limbs up.

1a) I will read Angel/Spike/anyone. Even Angel/Spike/Willow. Oh, the shame... I'm still waiting for the quintessential Angel/Spike/Riley. Hell, *any* Angel/Spike/Riley. And the world needs more Buffy/Faith/Angel/Spike. Yes indeedy, it surely does.

2) I have written terrible RPS that only Kita has seen. It is an onion field of pure reekiness. An onion field next to a stockyard.

3) I entered fandom as a Spuffy and one of the rabid Spikefen. The first board that I signed onto? BAPS. Yes, I'm a BAPSter. I spent *hours* every day reading redemption essay after redemption essay. The first fic I ever read was on that board. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. However, Barb C., known hereabouts as rahirah *did* impress me. The first time I ever clicked on LJ was to check out her journal.

4) Spander is my first fanfic love. I read everything there was to read. One morning the Romanitas didn't go to preschool because I couldn't stop reading Subtleties by eliade. I didn't even get them dressed until noon that day.

I am more well-read in S/X than in any other pairing. Including the one I write.

5) The first fic I ever wrote? Star Trek, the original series. Atrocious Spock/Nurse Chapel. Forgive me, I was ten. The sad thing? I couldn't Mary-Sue myself into any of my little girl fan fantasies. Every little girl should save the Starship Enterprise once. Really, they should.

6) I like transgressive fic, including incest fic. The threesome thing can just be about the pretty but there's something about the fucked-upedness of incest fic that punches me in the gut. This includes Shannon/Boone and Angel/Connor. I've only read one Buffy/Dawn that fit outside of the PWP box. And I'm not sure that the author would want me to pimp it here. Because of the stigma. Angel/Connor is more socially acceptable.

Speaking of which...

7) I am the queen of the WIP. For someone who really only has a few pieces, I've got tons of abandoned WIPs on my hard drive. And tons more taking up needed electron pathways in my brain. One of these includes an Angel/Spike/Connor post-NFA, post-apocalyptic trip down to Mexico to find Nina. It rambles endlessly. Ah, travel fic. One of these days I'll get brave and list all the WIPs. Like my Oxnard Xander/Lindsey. Or my Riley/Sam in Bangkok.

I spend much too much time thinking of Jossverse. Much too much.

ETA: Happy Birthday, dovil!
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