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Connor on Ice: The Update

Well, this week the World Figure Skating Championships are upon us. The Ice Dancers have skated the Compulsories, the Pair Skaters have skated their Short Program, and the Men have skated the Qualifying Round and the Short Program.

So how fares our U.S. men's national champion, Connor Johnny Weir?

Johnny is skating injured. I'm not sure of the nature or the extent of his injury but he's had to have at least two shots of lidocaine in his landing foot. Top level skaters achieve speeds of 20-40 mph (your average recreational level skater achieves speeds of 3-6 mph) before they take off for a jump. So you can imagine what it's like to land on a numb foot.

He fell on his triple axel in the short. I watched the clip and saw that he had the landing, his foot just came out from under him. Because of the fall, Weir is currently in 7th place heading into the long progam. So unless a miracle happens, there will be no medal for Johnny this year.

But Belbin & Agosto are 2nd heading into the Original Dance! *squees*

Here is a very serious Johnny.

For entrenous88 and interested others, Michelle Trachtenberg does use skating doubles for Ice Princess. But she does do some of her own skating in the movie.

And yes, I will return to my I heart My flist Series. Really. Next up: alias_lilacgirl.
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