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Authorial responsibility: Should some fic not be made public?

Um. I haven't been around much lately. I'm okay, I think, but I'm not sure. Stupid hormones. There's absolutely no reason why I should want to hit and throw things and act generally psychotic.

Want is the operative word here. I have done none of these things. But it takes some effort to get a grip, hence the not-onlinage.

Channeling things out a bit. I owe fics to a few people, but I've been writing some historic Angelus that's so dark that if I show it to *anyone* they will never talk to me again. Serious.

So that segues to the whole topic of the forbidden. Are there monsters that should be left unformed and unnamed? Or should they be drawn out, delineated, and in so doing made finite, containable, knowable?

Avert thine eyes not from the wickedness of man? And if the eyes are *not* averted should they seek out? Need there be a moral? And what are morals to the author? Are they a false geography, political lines drawn upon the country of the mind?

Is there such a thing as authorial responsibility?


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