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Living large and working out: Can I have it both ways?

The less wee Romanita is currently splayed out like an overheating electric blanket on the couch. She doesn't have school today so it's just as well. But I had to cancel my trainer this morning. And since I've been losing the same pound for the past two months, I kinda wanted to go today. *sigh*

My fitness level is the same, if not better, as it was pre-Romanitas. But I'm currently 25 lbs. heavier (though 24 lbs. lighter than my high point) and since the "fat-but-fit" category no longer exists then I guess I gotta keep shedding. *munches bagel*

I just wish I were a pear. I wanna be a pear with a definite chin and slender arms but with a big ass. I'm more like a ginger-root. *is jealous of pear-women*

My trainer told me that I'm built more like a power-lifter, that I picked the wrong sport. That's me, all girly-burly, jumping about in my figure skates. Body image issues? Moi?

Side-note: I no longer am in the size-category to wear Lane Bryant or Roaman's. But that doesn't stop the mail carrier from thrusting those catalogues in my mailbox. One time. I ordered one thing, one time. But what is up with all these regular-size models displaying plus-size clothes? What is up with that? They look ridiculous. This sells clothes how? There are *beautiful* women who could model those clothes much better. Give them a freakin' job!

Look at these beautiful women. They deserve page and screentime too. Just sayin'.

Variety. Gimme some. Just get that potato-peeler called the high-fashion diet away from me. Atkins can kiss my plump, *firm* ass.
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