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Pimpity-pimp...looks at foolin'

Well, I haven't pimped anything in a while...

1. Well, I've made my threesome kink public so what to my wondering eyes should appear but marenfic's BtVS/AtS Sandwich Ficathon? *quivers uncontrollably* Ah, the possibilities... Go. Sign up. Nourish my sick and twisted heart. *bats eyelashes*

2. Second Hand by kita0610 is a painfully glorious look at Spike and Connor, post-NFA. It's not necessary to read her Manus (Angel POV post-Damage) to appreciate Second Hand but if you do? The resonance of the two just *aches*.

Kita may not be let Spike in the driver's seat too often but when she does, you never attempt to roll out of the car even when he's driving it over a cliff. The freefall here...and the inevitable everything.

Heads up: Second Hand does contain slash. Manus can be read with or without the slash glasses.

3. De loquente carne by glossing is also a Connor piece that takes place in a world where Jasmine *did* succeed. I provided the post that provides the outside link for two reasons: 1) this fic is disturbing, I think in a wonderfully *true* way, but disturbing--hence the antechamber provided before opening that door and 2)this work is graphics heavy and for people who still measure baud rate this might be an issue. And by graphics heavy, I mean this is an illuminated manuscript complete with inset illustrations and watermark figures, large and small fonts with the Words of Jasmine italicized and bracketed, as well as annotations. This is the Gospel according to Wesley, harsh and unrelenting. This is a portrait of Connor, the God-father, a Connor who never saw that knife, who never had that rebirth, but one who continues down the path set for him with the stride of a god in the body of a boy. Compelling and terrifying.

4. Spring Haze by idyll is an understated, stunning Buffy/Faith fic set post-Chosen and post-NFA. This, in perfect Faith-voice, speaks mostly in the silences, painting the negative spaces to make the words that are said that much more brilliant. Even if you're not fond of this pairing (which, *I* am), try this one. Serious.

5. Cold Hand in Mine by tesla321 is more vamp!Mulder. If you haven't read the previous story, There Is No Seven, then you should clickety-click and do so. Tesla came to Jossverse fandom as an acclaimed veteran from the X-files fandom. And she uses the knowledge of both here. There's is no doom and gloom angst here but the subverting of it. Carterverse and Jossverse humor blend so well together. Tesla makes a delightful hip-cruel frappé of them.

6. And finally the sawer_jack community is starting to see some action. Check out the pieces by uberaeryn and julissak01. Wait, I think uberaeryn didn't post hers to the community. Well, uberaeryn is a hoot and a half, so just check out her journal. She slashes *and* hets. Oh my. *g*

7. I just like the number seven. Go, disperse throughout LJ through the gates I have shown unto you.

ETA: There is a seven! I lied! Have you checked out poshcat's randomsquee storefront? How could you go wrong with a t-shirt that states, "I am a sad, obsessive fangirl" or "bulletproof kink". Plus there's coffee mugs! And buttons! And I want one! I want several!
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