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Who is this guy?

As I'm googling Lori Petty the other day, I come across this site: HottieRankings. There are numerous entries for female celebrities, contemporary as well as historical, with *rankings* (1-100 numeric system) of their breasts, bodies, eyes, face and so on. Oh, and talent. Not only are there rankings but each entry has details on what makes this particular celebrity hot or not. Opinion, obviously--he uses the word "I" a lot.

Dude, this is one guy with a lot of time on his hands.

From what I can figure though, this is just bait to get the clickity-click on through to Mr. Skin which is a subscription(?) service for celebrity nudes.

Here's what he had to say about our lovely Jossverse actresses:

Alexa Davalos
Alyson Hannigan
Amber Benson
Amy Acker
Charisma Carpenter
Eliza Dushku
Emma Caulfield
Gina Torres
Iyari Limon is not listed.
Jewel Staite
Julie Benz
Juliet Landau
Kristine Sutherland
Laurel Holloman is not listed.
Mercedes McNab
Michelle Trachtenberg is not listed.
Morena Baccarin
Robia LaMorte is not listed.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah Thompson
Stephanie Romanov
Summer Glau is not listed.

I think, according to his entry on Kathy Bates, that his extensive list is compiled not only on his own opinion, but on the search requests for nudes at his other site. Kathy Bates gets a lot of hits. As well she should, dammit. But I'm surprised that Michelle Trachtenberg isn't listed. Maybe it's a legal issue since she portrayed a minor on-screen? The Olsen twins are most likely absent because they turned 18 as of two minutes ago.


ETA: I forgot about Mercedes McNab! Ack! I added her link.
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