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Random fannish opinions, Jossverse adagio

Well, it's Saturday, got a zillion things to do, but I gots a headache...

Random fannish opinions, no clue as to popular/unpopular

* I love me some Spike. I do. He's the little voice that jabbers in my head. That said...the sun does not shine out of his ass. It did once. He exploded. Gotta be a painful way to go. So yeah, Jesus Christ SuperSpike just doesn't do it for me. I can understand the need and desire to make him the McShiny persecuted woobie, but he can fend for himself. Leave him his flaws.

* The beauty of this verse is that *anyone* can be reasonably paired. You want to write S5 Xander/Joyce? We *see* Xander's subconcious isn't opposed in "Restless". Go right ahead. Cordelia/Lilah? If evil!Cordy could get some sugar from The Beast in AtS s4, why not Lilah? These characters have been around long enough, have enough depth, that they can plausibly go in myriad directions. There's a difference between bad!fic and impossibility.

* Where's the Lorne loving? I'm a bit uneasy at the dearth of it. I've narrowed it down to two things: He's not human-looking enough. The more demon-y or alien-looking a character, the less sexy authors find them (but that doesn't seem to stop the vampire gameface fucking or the wolf!dick fic, hmmmm). There's such a thing as too exotic while remaining not exotic enough maybe. Dunno. Plus he's flaming. And flaming is fine for the Network PTB as long as the character remains celibate and/or asexual. Maybe we take that in fandom as an impermeable character trait. In fic, Lorne sings with a glass in his hand, maybe offers a line of advice or two, but is rarely seen to boogie down. Let the poor demon get a blow once in a while. He's had a hard life.

* The "Spike and/or Angel are so not gay" tiffs amuse me. I find it hard to believe that orientation is stronger than death. Vampires like to bite and fuck, sometimes at the same time. So yeah, they're not gay, they're omnisexual. Did Angel love Buffy? Yes. Will he always love her? Yes. Did Spike love Buffy? Will he always love her? Yes. Did/do Spike and Angel fuck each other? Yes. They're pack animals. Do they say "mineminemine"? Yes. But they also say, "That's mine too!" And that means that Darla kicked Angelus out of the bedroom many a night to play with Dru. What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too. "There's no belonging or deserving anymore..." So no "concurrently" happened before 1894? ::puts fingers in ears, and sings, "lalalalala, fanged foursome, fanged foursome..."::

* Wishverse vamp!Xander did so play with The Puppy. He was just in the mood to watch during "The Wish". Did you see the way vamp!Xander slid his hand across the male victim splayed out on the pool table in The Bronze? And the way his hand slid over vamp!Willow's when they were biting "concurrently" into Cordelia? The. Hottest. Thing. Ever. Biting=sex. That metaphor is so in your face, yo. So what does that say about Xander? Trés slashable.

* Darla had sex with Lindsey. What? She slept on the couch while she stayed in his apartment and hung her clothes in his closet without scratching that itch? Angel probably did too. If only for the fact that Darla did. And Lindsey's biggest fantasy was to have them "concurrently". It so was.

* The hetting-up of Tara worries me a bit because if there is a Kinsey scale she's near the 5 or 6 end. But if you can show me the emotion behind making her a 5 instead of a 6? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and read it. But a full reversal? As in she just needs the right kind of dick, usually called Spike? Makes me cranky. There is some glorious S/T out there (I've even beta'd some of it), just there's a lot of it, and Tara screaming, "Oh Spike, I love your big, fat cock?" seems a *tad* OOC to me. Like I said, anyone can be paired together in this lovely verse, but character should not just be thrown out the car window leaving nothing but an empty body to throw the author's desires into. If she's gonna screw a guy, I want to know *why*. Vamp!Tara, on the other hand, I've got no problems with being omnisexual.

* Angelus is an abusive, scary motherfucker. He's capable of love, usually as obsession. And if he loves you? You are most likely *not* going to survive and will die a horrible, cruel death. Angelus will not take a consort, keep a favorite pet. And he will not bring sweet, human William flowers and declare his undeathly love. He will not hold Buffy's hand and gaze lovingly at her while calling her "snugglekins". Just sayin'.

I'm sure I have more, but the wee-est!Romanita wants to play with bubbles.
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