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Heh. I actually drabbled for the first time in about a year. Kinda interesting to get the paring knife out again and peel those words into shape.

Plus I feel guilty for neglecting the open_on_sunday community.

So yeah, short and something. This week's theme...*drumroll*...mothers.

Only Hope It Enough, 1727

She had lost two brothers to the sea. And so when Liam was born with the caul, she had preserved it in parchment. This luck not enough, she spat on his head and put the iron nail in the lintel.

Then her husband cooed to the babe: “To me, Liam, my comely boy.” He crawled, grinning, across the boards to his father.

Nothing for it but to put him to dress. And when he toddled, he tripped upon the hem.

She could only hope it enough the Faerie not find him, that the Queen would never take her Liam to breast.

I'm behind on comments so I dash away to answer them!
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