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Randomosity: links, Lost, and cryptic guilt

1. Because, thanks to ros_fod, this must be spread about until it breaks the internets: Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen, all spontaneous and down with the PDA.

2. rubywisp still writes some of the best Spander around. Even if it is all snippety. Snippet me again!

3. Alright, I'm a gooey fangirl. The two shippy moments last night really got to me. a)Sun/Jin: omgtheirloveissodoomed! But at least they got to say goodbye. *sniff* b)Jack/Sawyer: omgkisshimalreadyitsyourlastchance! And Sawyer told him, the softhearted goob. And Jack with the all-manly I'm-not-gonna-cry-thank-you-for-giving-me-my-daddy-back looking away. *sniff*

4. I'm feeling *major* guilt for something I'm Not Working On. Since I never finish most of the fic that dribbles from my fingers, I probably don't need to confess more than that. But it's *driving* me *now* and I'm just an awful person. *cries*
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