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Tagged: They're so pretty, oh, so pretty...

Um, yeah, I got tagged for the 10 celebrities that I find attractive meme by lynnenne. Yikes! Here goes....

China Miéville: He's beautiful and writes that way and the passionate discourse? Gah!
David Boreanaz: Yeah, this is a gimme.
James Marsters: Another gimme.
Amber Benson: Definitely the most lush of the cast...
Lori Petty: Is this a surprise after I gushed about her a while back?
Denzel Washington: Talk about power of presence...
Owen Nolan: Rumor is that he's a jerk. Still pretty and, oh, so fast on his blades.
Genevieve Bujold: I picked an older photo of her because, although she's still very beautiful, she's my mom's age and um, yeah, that's kinda weird. But as a kid? I was *obsessed* with her. Serious.
Christian Kane: Yes, I'm the sad little fan girl.
Marc Blucas: Hey, Lar, did you know that your site is the first one that pops up on google images?
Matthew Fox: One of my current obsessions. His character.
Josh Holloway: Isn't this meme supposed to be about the pretty?
Kate Winslet: Looks wonderful when she's all soft and curvy...
Tama Janowitz: Not the best picture, she's really quite gorgeous. I was bowled away by her when she came on the scene in the 80's...

There's so *many* more...Jenette Goldstein, Russell Crowe, Adam Clayton, Eliza Dushku, Lita Ford, Kate, I'll stop now.

The image links aren't mandatory for the meme. I just added them because, when reading through other people's lists, I didn't know who some of them were.

Tag, you're it (completely random): wiredwizard, dodyskin, speakr2customrs, viciouswishes, dovil.

Okay, I *really* trimmed this list and I ended up with 14. Gah! I lose.
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