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I think most of you know by now that threesomes are my kink. And if it weren't for my solemn vow that I would never participate in another ficathon, I would have so jumped at the chance to sign up for marenfic's Buffyverse Sandwich (Threesome) ficathon. I'm drooling at the recently posted masterlist.

Once piece that's a late posting and hasn't made it to the masterlist yet is Sense Memory by lynnenne. I read it late last night and it's absolutely lovely. Post-NFA Buffy/Angel/Riley, if you can believe it. And she makes it work. I wish that I had her capacity for honing in on the resonant words, the blossoming of images. Her Buffy is fantastic.

I know that some have been crying about the death of Buffyverse fandom. I've indulged in a sniffle or two, myself. I'm a latecomer to the fandom and Lynne came in after I did. And if her soaring contributions are anything to go by, I'd say there's lots of life in the old lady called fandom yet.
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