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So no one has sent out the St. Bernards, brandy kegs about their necks, to find me. Well, given that it's the middle of July and that I often disappear, shifty person that I am, for weeks at a time, the rescue dogs are undoubtedly lolling about in the shade. And here I am! So, um, never mind. *g*

My computer is dying. I am using Mr. Romany's at the moment.

Without constant computer access...

I have watched the entire Angel S4 DVD. Gwen! Connor! Angelus!

I have read, for the first time, all the Harry Potter books except for HBP.

I have purchased HBP for 50% off on Tuesday because I had been too sick *hackcoughwheeze* to attend the midnight extravaganza on Friday.

I have watched the Romanitas do everything but destroy the house while I feebly lay on the couch and put one silent finger up to admonish them.

I have been prodded with every Fisher-Price medical implement, as well as various kitchen spoons, in the Romanitas' attempt to make me well.

I have done all the laundry.

I have not read my flist.

My thoughts are with London.
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