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Just a quick run in to LJ and then out...

Currently, I have three charity commissions:

1. A free-lance editing assignment (not fandom related), status: partially done.

2. A drabble series of Buffy-centric unconventional pairings as requested by marenfic, status: begun.

3. A dark, post-NFA Angel/Dawn/Spike and Buffy/Lindsey longer work as requested by stars91, status: in queue.

I'd like to thank all the contributors and requesters at the communities such as fandom_charity and the_fund. We may be a weird lot at times, fandom, but the community does remember to be a community. Thank you.

Anne Rice can still be articulate. Brava, Anne. (If you don't have an NY Times online subscription, it's free and it only takes a few seconds to sign up.)
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